Syscan Ci120

Ci-120 is a fully automatic bench top analyzer consisting of an analytical module and a control module



Operates on whole blood or  platelet- poor   plasma  platelet-poor plasma
 platelet-poor plasma  racks, primary tubes
 Model type  benchtop
 Dimensions (H × W × D)- analyzer
Dimensions (H × W × D)- Outer   packing
 640mm×800mm ×630mm
860mm×950mm ×755mm
 Weight- analyzer
Weight- Outer packing
 Electric Ratings:  ac. 110-240V, 50/60Hz, <800VA
 Ambient Temperature:  Between 15℃ and 30℃
 Relative Humidity:  Between 35% and 85 %
 Methodologies supported  clot detection (LED optical  transmission method); chromogenic;   immunologic; Wavelength    405nm;545nm;670nm;800nm
 Number of different measured assays   onboard simultaneously  15
 Number of different assays   programmed   and calib. at one time  unlimited
 Factor assays require manual manipulation   or dilutions  No
 Number of reagent containers onboard at   once  24
(reagent area,8℃)
 Multiple reagent configurations   supported  Yes
 Walkaway capacity: Number of   specimens/Number of tests  25/up to 500
 Minimum sample volume aspirated   precisely  at one time  3ul
 Standard specimen volume required to run   PT or PTT/Factor VIII activity  50ul/25ul
 Primary tube sampling supported/Pierces   caps on primary tubes  Yes/No
 Sample bar-code reading capability  Yes
 Reagent bar-code reading capability  Yes
 Onboard test automatic inventory  Yes
 Measures No. of tests remaining/Short   sample detection  Yes/Yes
 Auto. detects adequate reagents for   aspiration and analysis  Yes
 Dilution of patient samples onboard  Yes
 Automatic rerun capability/Auto reflex   testing capability  Yes
 Read time extended for prolonged clotting   times  Yes
 User can set different-than-standard  1) Reagent volumes/Sample volumes;
2) No. and sources of reagent;
3) Incubating times/Reading times;
 Autocalib. Or autocalib. Alert / Multipoint   calib. supported  Yes
 Stat time to complete all   analyses/Throughput per hour for:   PT Alone:≦6 minutes/150 specimens
PT, PTT:≦6 minutes/80 specimens
D-dimer:≦6 minutes/80 specimens
Factor VIII activity assay:≦11 minutes/60 specimens
 Time delay from ordering STAT to   aspiration  of sample  minimal
 Number of Measurements  At each standard point, up to 5 simultaneous multi-parameter analysis is   available.
 Automatic transfer of QC results to LIS  Yes
 Protection Function  Over-heat Protection Fuse
Mechanical stop switch
Cover open/close sensor
Probe protection sensor
Over-current Protection Fuse
 Unit Error Alert Function  Instrument Abnormality-Monitoring Function
1) Temperature at heating/cooling section
2) Presence or absence of sample racks
3) Shortage of reagent
4) Presence or absence of cuvette
5) Shortage of buffer or rinse solution
6) Operation of mechanical parts
7) Other self-diagnosis by service modeSample Abnormality-Monitoring Function
1) Upper and Lower Limit Judgement
2) Automatic Re-dilution Analysis (for the dilution analysis parameter only)
3) Reflex Testing
 automatic supply reaction cuvettes  Yes