Factor X deficiency:

An uncommon presentation of AL amyloidosis

Coagulopathies resultant from clotting factor deficiencies can be roughly split into two categories; heritable and acquired.

A reduction in the synthesis or the destruction of individual clotting factors can be caused by a number of genetically inherited mutations. The most common form of heritable factor deficiency is Haemophilia A, where the production of Factor VIII is compromised by an X-linked recessive mutation.

Factor deficiency can also be acquired by the inhibition of clotting factors or reducing their rate of production in patients without genetic defects. The most common acquired deficiencies are Liver disease, systemic lupus erythematosus and anticoagulation.

Helena Biosciences have an extensive range of analytical reagents and factor deficient plasmas for use in the identification of congenital and acquired factor deficiencies.


Read more: https://www.helena-biosciences.com/en/news/2015/june-factors/

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