Thrombin Time (IL TOPS)

Thrombin Time (IL TOPS)

Intended use

The Thrombin Time reagent is intended to give a qualitative indication of abnormal Fibrinogen levels, or the presence of interfering substances such as FDPs or Heparin on IL TOPS Coagulation Systems. Quantitative evaluation of the possible causes of prolonged Thrombin Times should be performed as follow-up studies.




Thrombin Time (IL TOPS)

Main features

  • Bovine Thrombin
  • 10 NIH Units/mL
  • Suitable for use on IL TOPS

Kit contents

Component REF Volume Stability
Thrombin Time 5380 4 × 5 mL Once reconstituted, the reagent is stable on-board the IL TOPS for 3 days