Clauss Fibrinogen 35

Clauss Fibrinogen 35

Intended use

Clauss Fibrinogen 35 is intended for the quantitative determination of Fibrinogen based on the Clauss method, in human citrated plasma on IL/ACL Coagulation Systems. Thrombin is added to human plasma to convert Fibrinogen to Fibrin, the clot time is directly proportional to the fibrinogen concentration.



Clauss Fibrinogen 35

Main features

Bovine Thrombin

35 NIH Units/mL

Specifically designed for IL/ACL Coagulation systems

Linear calibration from 0.7-7g/L on the ACL instrument

Insensitive to Heparin levels up to 1 U/mL

Kit contents

Component REF Volume Stability
Thrombin: 35 NIH/mL 5376/35R 5 × 2 mL Once reconstituted:
8 hours at +15 –+30°C
1 week at +2 –+8°C
Fibrinogen Calibrator 5376/35R 1 × 1 mL Once reconstituted:
4 hours at +2 –+8°C
Imidazole Buffer 5376/35R 1 × 25 mL Unopened bottles are stable until the given expiry date when stored under conditions indicated on the bottle label.